About Fly Culture

Published quarterly, Fly Culture is a fly fishing journal of high quality writing and photographs that capture the essence of what fly fishing means to us all. Are you sitting in the office? Or on the sofa at home watching TV? Do you wish you could be fishing instead? We’ll take you with us as we travel to rivers, lakes and streams at home and beyond in search of fish, friendship and adventure.

  • At Fly Culture we care about our natural resources and the fish we pursue. We will take a strong stance on conservation and ask the questions that, at times, need to be asked.

    We don’t do reviews, ‘how-to’, or ‘why don’t you’. You can get all that on the internet. We don’t do ‘grip and grins’ or hero shots. We don’t care about numbers and we don’t measure how much fun we had in pounds or inches. We are not ‘where, what and when’, we are ‘why’.

Our Mission

  • To bring you a fly fishing magazine with great writing and photography that you'll enjoy reading.

    To concentrate on quality be it in the content you'll read or the way the magazine is presented and never to cut corners on this quest.

    To remain proudly independent.

    To offer you a true and contemporary look at the the culture of fly fishing.

Our Team

  • Pete Tyjas

    Editor in Chief

  • Brett O'Connor

    Creative Director

  • Emma Tyjas

    Copy Editor

  • Perry Bamonte

    Artistic Designer

  • Jon Ogborne


  • Adrian Grose-Hodge

    Contributing Editor

  • Montana "Monty"