By Pete Tyjas on 30th January 2019

Tags: brown trout, dry fly, fishing magazine, fly culture magazine, fly fishing photography, trout fishing

You’ve seen the fish and take a few moments to gather your thoughts. It is then that you realise that your heart rate is just a little faster.

The fish had risen on the edge of a small, hard to spot, crease in the flow. It was just once but enough for it to give away its position.

You spend time making sure the fly is waterproof and will float nice and high. That is how the fish on this stream like their flies.

The knot is tested and then tested again and you now know it is time to make the cast.

False casts are kept to a minimum and the line travels out over the water. The fly lands how you had hoped; right in bubble line.

You stop breathing for a few seconds while the fly drifts to where you saw the rise.