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By Pete Tyjas on 15th January 2019

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The new season feels like it is just around the corner now and we’ve taken a look at some cool new gear that we think you might like.

First off is the West Bank Wading Belt from Fishpond

As I get older and creakier I am looking for a wading belt that gives me some back support during a long day on the water. I’ve also found that I am fishing with less and less gear and need somewhere to stow a net. Recently I’d taken to just poking the net into my wading belt that meant I was stretching the belt and it was more than a little uncomfortable. When I heard the West Bank belt had a slot for a net I bought it straight way. The Fishpond net I use fits perfectly and the way the slot is designed means I barely notice I have it. There have already been a number of times I have had to check I still had it so I guess it must be doing a good good. Available from Fishpond dealers at £49.99

At the same time I also bought the Quickshot Rod Holder also from Fishpond. As someone who likes, at times, to carry a couple of rods with me then I have a simple but effective answer. The holder fits to the belt and a clasp holds the rod in place and the butt of the rod  sits in a loop. The issue I thought I would have is having a longish rod in the holder while wading through a low tree canopy  but as long as I remember I just tilt the rod back (without needing to take it out of the holder)  I can get through the smallest of spaces. Although I use it on a Fishpond belt it is compatible with most wading belts. Available from Fishpond dealers at £34.99

Early season salmon anglers will want to get deep and that is where the RIO Skagit Max Gamechanger comes in. With seamless triple and quadruple density sections it is easy to turn over heavy flies when fishing and get them to the depth you require. I bought a head that had a floating/hover/intermediate profile when steel heading in October. I could also add a T14 tip and found it easy to cast and fish with. Available from RIO dealers from £54.99

As a small stream angler, I want a line that loads the rod quickly and with minimal false casts. The RIO Creek line does just this allowing me to turn over dries and nymphs with ease but with delicate presentation too. I fish this line on the Sage Dart rod that I did a review of a few months back. Available from RIO dealers from £69.99

Fly Culture Magazine – Sage Dart review from Fly Culture Magazine on Vimeo.