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Pete Tyjas from Fly Culture Magazine sits down with people whose lives either revolve around or are shaped by fly fishing.

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About the podcast

In each episode of the hugely popular and highly acclaimed podcast Pete Tyjas talks with fly anglers from around the world about a wide range of topics. From fishing tips, tackle reviews, fly tying and interviews you’ll find just about everything covered.

From trout to pike, salmon to carp and steelhead to tarpon he’ll take you on a tour of fishing in a fun and interesting format.

If you are a passionate fly angler then you are sure to enjoy The Fly Culture Podcast.

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  • Something Special

    01 December 2020

    star-rate 5.0

    Great podcast Pete.

    Excellent content and a great interviewing technique.

    By far my favourite fishing podcast!

  • Brilliant podcast!!

    16 July 2020

    star-rate 5.0

    As an angler of over 40 years, but a relative newcomer to fly fishing, i find this podcast very informative, and absolutely love listening to it! Pete is obviously a very knowledgeable guy...

  • Halycon days

    6 March 2020

    star-rate 5.0

    Hi, Pete - just listened to the latest podcast whilst gardening - lovely to hear your knowledgeable voice again - took me back to our various days on the river- great memories!