Behind the scenes

The printing process

By Pete Tyjas on 23rd August 2018


As fly anglers we’re all a really environmentally conscious group and when we decided we wanted to launch a fly fishing magazine we wanted to find a printer who felt the same as us.

We had a pretty strict criteria. We wanted a company that recycled product, used eco-friendly printing techniques and we really wanted them to be a local business close to us here in Devon.

We went to see Ashley House Printing Company in Exeter who feel the same way as we do about the environment. They took the time to show us around their workshop and explain the printing process along with their eco-friendly credentials that exceeded what we had hoped for.

They use vegetable based inks, think about how they source paper, recycle everything and work with the Woodland Trust in planting new woodland in the UK.

We knew we made the right decision.

Ashley House Printing Company