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Vision Koski Wader Review

By Pete Tyjas on 10th December 2019

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I’m often asked by anglers to recommend waders to them. My first choice was always Vision Ikons. They are pretty much bulletproof and, along with cockroaches, would probably survive a nuclear attack. 

I’ve spent hundreds of days in them and have worn them pretty much to destruction.

My newest pair of waders are also by Vision, a new model called Koski. As far as I am concerned they have some pretty big (wading) boots to fill.

They look relatively similar to the Ikons except for some smart blue edging around the pocket area. I’m pleased to see that they have the same waterproof, removable pocket, that you also get with the Gillie waders, also by Vision. This is a welcome addition.

As ever, they come in a variety of sizes and my size, medium short, fits perfectly.

The 4 layer construction of the Koski means you’ll get some good protection against brambles yet still good breathability from the F4 fabric, an upgrade from the F3.5 you get with the Ikons.

There are loops built in to hang your waders up to dry which is a much better long-term choice than using the braces that over time will stretch.

There are also some accessory attachment loops on both the inside and outside should you wish to attach any tools.

So far, they have been holding up well and so the Ikons better watch out, there’s a new kid in town.

Available from all Vision dealers